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Jun 22, 2004

This blog is officially dead till further notice.

Reasons are :
1. Too lazy to maintain
2. Face it, I can't force myself to write this online journal for long. It's just a temporary thing.
3. Refer to reason 1.

But hopefully, I'll make a comeback soon. Real soon. And to ensure that i'm serious, i'll even include the timeframe for "soon".

soon = 1day to 1000000000days.

See you all.......soon......Thanks for all the support.

Posted at 10:03 pm by Clementoz
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Apr 17, 2004
Goodbye Cyber......IF camp rocksss

As the title says, I'm out of cyber. But this time i didn't go straight back to my beloved n missed hometown. Instead, I joined this camp called IF camp near broga (it's a campsite situated near semenyih). Well, let me start by sharing my experiences there.

It was basically a camp where malacca n cyberjaya MMU christians get together n have fun. And we really achieved that in this year's camp. It was as far as I remember the funniest camp i've been to. The first day, we had this survival thingy. It was a water war kinda thing and needless to say, all of us got wet and soaky. Neways, it's fun and enjoying as the weather is hot and we get to "make" each other wet. hehe.......At night was the first session. The speaker was Pr.Victor Gonzales.....A really annointed man and tremendously humorous. We laughed from the start till the end of his talk. Though all of us were tired, he didn't give us the chance to even fall asleep....That's how funny he was.

The second day was the best of all. We had many cool activities on that day. The first was what they call "flying fox". It's where you slide from one end to the other end with a rope supporting you. It was a really exhilarating moment. At first, i was scared to take the leap but in the end, i wanted another round. I even did a stunt......I call it "The flip".....it's where your head is downwards n your legs upwards. hehe.....after that, we had a raft building activity. What we had to do is built a raft that could stay afloat with 8 persons on it and row it to the other end of the lake. At night, we had another session with Pr. Gonzales and it ended with a games session. It's hard to explain here, but the games made me laugh until i was rolling on the floor. After that, we had our free time doing whatever we want. I played Mafia with a bunch of noobs and also experienced ones. It was really fun. Alvin, leona and daniel was cool as they know how to "play" the game. The rest of them mostly just sit and watch.

The 3rd and last day was like normal. Reflection, sharing and separation. Luckily, i got to know most or can i say all of the malaccans during this short period of time. They were nevertheless a friendly and happening bunch of ppl. But alas, we still hv to say goodbye to each other. A sad moment, but the moment we had was memorable. Goodbye IF camp 2004.......adios!!!!

Well, that's bout the camp. Back to me......I'm doing some pretty boring stuff here in my hometown. Just eat, sleep, read, and play a bit of computer. I have to say I'm pampering myself with all the good food here too. That's all for now. Chiaoz :p

Posted at 12:43 am by Clementoz
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Apr 8, 2004
Am I trapped?

Wow. I can see spider webs springing from every corner of my blog. Need to do a bit of spring cleaning i guess. Hehe.....well, twas a tough month for me and i barely made it through. Exams is really a killing factor. It can squeeze all the juice out of you and transform you into a 300 degrees pressure cooker.

Anyway, it's all over now......for good......And at last i have the mood to write in my blog. I wonder if anybody's still reading this. Whatever la, guess i'll just write for the sake of writing. I wanna start with my screwed up life.....It all started with a screwdriver....hehe, kidding. Well, din do much these days. Just basically study, eat, sleep, exercise a little and repeat the whole process again. I find it funny that i behave a bit...erm.....insane during this period. Maybe it's the exams getting me. But u know what? Usually at night after tense studying, I'll go play basketball with my friend. Not a big deal....but imagine someone playing basketball at 1am in the morning....we can't even see the ball properly...hehe....

Before i know it, finals over and it's holidays again. But this time it's quite different. I wouldn't have much time to rest in coz this holz gonna b quite hectic. Camps, trips, organizing, and planning....phew....Reminds me of Sun Yan Z's song, "mei shi jian". I liked that song(though i dun understand half of da lyrics.). Heh..Talking bout music, i've been spending my spare time with the guitar. He has been my loyal companion. So Soothing n relaxing......lalalalalala.........lalalallalala......dadadada

Posted at 09:46 pm by Clementoz
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Mar 14, 2004
A dedication to "whom it may concern"

Dear "Whom It May Concern",

Why is the sky blue?
I don't have a clue.
Couples always say I love you,
But not a fraction of them are true.

To Whom it may concern,
I am not a decent person,
But you are like a blessing in disguise,
Even the stars can't criticise.

Every word you say,
I memorise it like an essay,
Please don't erase it from my memory,
Stay in my mind for eternity.

The words you say can be thorns,
But also can it be overwhelming swoons,
Well, it applies to me at least,
Less I cease to exist.

I just can't get enough of you,
Oh my you're so beautiful,
Even the swans bow their beaks,
Humbled by your rosy cheecks.

To whom it may concern.......Te Amo.

Posted at 10:10 pm by Clementoz
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Mar 2, 2004
CollegeFest '04 Kicks Off!!!

Phew......Sorry for not updating this blog for eternity.....I didn't notice how much i've ignored this blog until today when i tried to login and add an entry, i entered the wrong password. It took me 30 more tries and a cup of coffee to crack the code.

Much has happened since my last update. My life went up, it also went sliding down, and in between it were bumpy winding roads. Hehe....u guys r sure wondering what i've been up to. Well, good news is that i've been blessed with some really good friends which are very supportive when i needed them. I'll not mention their names here but i'm sure they know who they are. As a typical MMU student, u'll be trashed with tonnes of assignments, deadlines, and if you wish to maintain your good grades, you will find 24 hrs a day barely enough. In addition to that, i've stepped into a few activities and i can't get out of them halfway.....coz that's juz ain't me! So hor, my grades suffered......sigh....life's like that.

As you all know, the stpm results were released recently. Many of my friends was in this batch (including me if i didn't study in MMU.). Some were extremely happy with their results but some were also distressed. Amongst them are my 2 best friends in high school. One of them achieved 5A's( clap hands la) but the other didn't fare well..... I had to behave in two ways when i asked them their results. Sometimes, I just wished every1 can achieve good results, especially those who had already put in adequate effort. It's really disheartening to get bad results after ploughing 2 hard years in the books. But hence as i said.....life's like that.....I learned a lot.....I learned to give, not juz to receive.....There's this quote which really touched my heart.... "Please give while you're in the state of giving, believe me, when you're put into the state of receiving, the feeling ain't good." This quote was by the Director of PFM(Prison fellowship of Malaysia) who gave a speech at the church i attended.

Okla....enough of that. I have so much to say but i can juz remember what happened today. Sorry for my short term  memory......Well, i woke up at 7am today which is a rare happening. I went to prayer meeting and went to breakfast after that. It was a nice time of fellowship and that breakfast was really good....I seldom had breakfast here, so i really enjoyed it. After that was class as usual. Then the evening there was this event by CollegeFest. It was a Water War game (take it literally). I was appointed the judge there.....hehe.....well, it didn't start pretty well bcoz it wasn't that organised but I managed to help get the situation in order. The games was really fun. The fun part is I get to paint the face of the participants. The participants on the other hand have to finish few challenges to win. Eg : Eat whole watermelons, whole loaves of bread etc etc.... The final round was the best. They get to choose weapons (balloon water, and water gun) and splash their enemies. The entire field was transformed into a Battlefield but the bombs were water......luckily. In the end, there was this bunch of girls who "pakat" and threw "bombs" at me.....I was soaked...sob sob....Tat's wat happen to a judge. Well, i went home feeling satisfied and pampered myself in the bathroom. And now, i'm sitting here writing this blog.

That's all laaa......please be patient for my next entry. And please notify me if you want to link my blog as i'm gonna do the same. Thank you....Adios.....shalom :p

Posted at 04:57 pm by Clementoz
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Feb 17, 2004
A poem with a purpose...

You are who you are for a reason.
You're part of an intricate plan.
You're a precious and perfect unique design.
Called God's special woman or man.

You look like you look for a reason.
Our God made no mistake.
He knit you together within the womb.
You're just what he wanted to make.

The parents you had were the ones he chose,
And no matter how you may feel,
They were custom designed with God's plan in mind,
And they bear the Master's seal.

No, that trauma you faced was not easy.
And God wept that it hurt you so.
But it was allowed to shape your heart.
So that into his likeness you'd grow.

You are who you are for a reason.
You've been formed by the Master's rod.
You are who you are, beloved,
Because there is a God!!!

PS- Please take time to ponder a moment about this poem by Russell Kelfer. It carries a significant meaning in it. :p

Posted at 01:47 am by Clementoz
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Feb 9, 2004
Pang Sai tu Bo Eng

In english, the title means - No time even to shit. Well, that is why i didn't updated my precious blog for some time. Hehe.....i'm busy, but i hope i'm not busying for nothing. (actually it's a cover up for my laziness :p).

It seems that I still have loyal penyokongs in my blog as i can see frm the shoutbox which is still quite active. But "some ppl" are really getting into my nerves.......i'm holy u know, pls don't pollute my mind with profanity ler......u mother@@@@@@@. With New year and Chinese new year's now over, i gotta stop fussing around and face with reality. But before that, let me flashback on the sequence of events that has happened during the first 15 days of the new chinese lunar year.

Day 1 - Collect angpows frm family members (main harvest). Bai nian. Gamble (lost). Spent the most memorable night with somebody (dun ask me who -_-).

Day 2 - Collect more angpows but lost it on the table of greed AGAINNNN. I vow not to gamble anymore but the money i lost i juz treat it as charity ler.

Day 3 - Still more bai nian to do. This time to further vicinities. Exhausted.

Day 4 - 13 - Can't remember much bout wat happened. But I did study a bit bcoz of the upcoming exams.

Day 14 - Enjoyed a spectacular view of fireworks at MINES while eating nice food.

Day 15 - Lou Kan, Lou Kan. Kan ni lau bu lar......

< That was my Monkey New year in brief. >

And now, to face reality. Exams, assignments, and responsibilities all haunting me at the same time. I'm in a mess. Took some time to recover and organize myself.....sigh.....life's like that. But however tough the going gets, the tough (Me lar, of coz) gets going !!!! Whoever's reading this, Let's together put a meaning into this life. Life is short, don't make it shorter!

Posted at 01:29 am by Clementoz
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Jan 16, 2004
It's all in a days' work!

Fuh. It's been awhile since i updated my blog. There seems to be no time for me to imprint the things that has happened these few days. Time was like ahead of me and i had to chase it. Well, i guess i'm old since i've entered this Young Adult's realm. I juz miss my youth days. How energetic, how adventurous, always experimenting new things and what's more, laughing like there's no worries in this world. It's juz so cool@!!! But hey, who says i can't do the same now? Yesterday, i spent a most awesome night with my friends at midvalley.

We went there after classes and got there around 1hr 30mins later. Hehe....wondered why it took so long? Well, we were kinda lost our way there...but however, we got there anyway. Our main purpose was to go shopping for new attire for the coming CNY. But since we arrived there late, we didn't had much time to shop. Most shops were closing and we were sort of chased out from a few outlets. (hehe, how embarassing :p). We saw this nice Shirt at Ruffleys where the back wrote "DON"T TRUST GIRLS!". We wanted to buy that shirt and wear them together, but there were only 2 left, hence, we cancelled the idea. I really liked that shirt though but I guess I'll be beaten up if i wore them to a girls party...ehhe.

We watched a cool movie after that (i'm gonna write a full entry about that movie later.) And by the time we finished watching, it was already about 2am. Everything was closed and we just loitered around the area when suddenly an evil idea crept in. We were at McD's and I saw this big and cute poster there (about the size of a door). So, i decided to steal it.....:-/. My friends kept watch and i juz grabbed the poster. However, i wasn't tall enough so another of my friend helped me get it. Another friend even dared to take a framed picture frm McD's. It's juz so funny seeing him carry that big thing along mid valley, scared and trembling all the way. We managed to get the "Italian Job" done at last and the feeling was juz exhilarating. But i felt a bit guilty after that. What's more is I'm a christian and was even wearing a christian T-shirt during the act......sigh......guess i hv to ask for forgiveness.

After doing a few more "stupid" things, we went back to our campus, exhausted but satisfied. What a day. Insane in a way, but memorable in another. 8hrs, 480min, 28800sec, 1 word -> InSaNe :p

Posted at 01:01 pm by Clementoz
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Jan 9, 2004
A guy's dream remote control!!!

If only technology will allow the creation of this remote control for guys that could control a woman by just pressing a button. How convenient. But I don't think I'll buy one even if it's available. I will like her for who she is, not who i want her to become. :)

Posted at 11:49 am by Clementoz
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Jan 8, 2004
Gamez n laughter. Ha. Haha. Muahaha.

Well, i stopped writing this blog for quite some time that when the time really comes for me to write, there's like a pile of things that awaits my mentioning and I just can't find the right time to do it. It's not that i'm too busy with my obligations and stuff, but I just couldn't have the peace of mind to just sit down and start writing (yeah, I need peace to be able to write.). But hey, here i am now, being able to cramp some bothering things aside while listening to my favourite song and write.

As the alarm rang, i sprang up from bed and went to snooze it. Then, like being pulled by a strong magnet, i went back to my smelly old bed. I juz didn't have the will to wake up. However, after 20mins of struggling, i managed to get my arse out of bed. And right from then, i began to panic. I was late to class and ended up there in a messy state. I wore a cap to cover my uncombed hair by the way (tat's the only reason i wear caps). The lecture was bored as usual but amazingly, i went thru it without "fishing". The afternoon was pretty routine, classes, busy with hostel stuff and making a phone call to someone whom i've been missing pretty much (duh, who else!). There was a computer lab in the evening and i went there not even knowing what to do. I switched on the PC, started doing some programming.....and after i failed to get the required result, i ended playing GALAGA ( an old fashioned computer game.) It was pretty enjoying, and to tell the truth, i really missed those games. When i go back, i'm gonna download all those obsolete games and start enjoying myself.hehe...

The hour of anticipation has came. That night, there's a CG COMBINE Games going on (partially organised by myself.) It's basically an event where christians get together and have fun. Well, this time, we did something different. It was a Fear Factor cum Survivor cum Who Wants to Be a Millionaire challenge. The participants were divided into two groups and rounds of torture began. The first round was using rubber bands (yes, those rough rubberbands) to tie a knot on the hair of each participant. The first to tie 3 bands per head will b the winner and will advance to the next round. The group that loses still gets a chance to advance to the next stage but some will b eliminated. The Factor they have to face is the Fear Of Super Sucky Drinks. They have to finish a cup of milo, phi pha ko, soya, crap, salt, and a bunch of other stuff mixed together. From the look of their faces, i can see that it tastes awful...hehe....but i had fun looking at the expression on their faces. The next round was aka Who wants to be a millionaire. The questions were mostly related to the bible. We all gained some knowledge of some interesting facts that we din notice before this. It was juz enjoyable. The final round however, was where the participants get their revenge on me. I made them drink (but not swallow) a mixture of mint sauce and water and the last one to hold on will be the grand winner. So, we tried to make them laugh....and some of them actually did.....but, they spitted the water in their mouths onto ME. I was perplexed. Wat the heck!!! I was wet and soaked. The liquid was all over me. I really stink at that time. And it was their turn to have a good laugh. Well, i guess it's a fair and square world. Bad luck!!!

We went for mamak after the games and had a nice chat. Everyone went home satisfied and indeed it is a CG nite to remember. By the way, i spent about half an hour in the bathroom trying to get the stinky odour off my body.....sigh.....how troublesome!!! :p

Posted at 12:44 am by Clementoz
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